SQL Server Restore Multiple BAK Files

SQL Server BAK files plays very important role in their task to restore SQL Server database safe and secure. SQL Administrators has to take their SQL database backups after the gap of certain period of time. There can be number of backup files in the SQL Server, usually depends on the requirements of the users. SQL Server BAK files stores MDF, NDF and LDF file data of SQL Server which intentionally keeps these files safe for the long period of time.

As with other Servers, SQL Server Backup database might be also get corrupted or damaged. The main reasons behind the corruption can be internal Server errors, hardware failure, server downtime, log file error or virus attacks etc. Despite of these errors there might be other reasons by which SQL backup database becomes infected. To overcome these situation users has to take some advice or precautions to get out their BAK file data from damaged condition to healthy SQL Server environment as soon as possible.

The “SQL Server restore multiple BAK files” task could have executed successfully with the help of SQL backup recovery software in a safe way. Tool fixes all the errors of SQL Server to get out BAK files from damaged situation to healthy form. It performs the task without affecting the original file data information.

Other excellent features of the tool's are described below:

• Tool has quick data recovery mode which restores corrupted BAK file into healthy BAK file. It also has “Advance recovery” mode for highly damaged BAK file.

• Application can restore multiple BAK files of SQL Server in a short period of time. It can add multiple BAK files, whole folder containing multiple BAK files and can remove files from selected list.

• It gives the preview of all recovered data items of BAK file like views, tables, triggers, stored procedures, functions etc.

• Tool supports SQL Server versions (2000 to 2012) and works on Windows (95 to 2008) etc.

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